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Koncert finałowy

11 lutego 2018 r. - godz. 17:30
Hala widowiskowo-sportowa w Sieprawiu
Wstęp wolny!


Amazing atmosphere and music fulfied with young enthusiasm. 3 days of unforgetable workshop, under the supervision of professional musicians, that will end up with a concert. Learn the rules of rythm, harmony, vocal technique and discover 


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Instructors and musicians

Colin Vassell

Leading international vocal coach, choir director and singer of Gospel music. Although youthful in appearance, Colin has 30 years of experience, Colin started directing the Woodgreen Gospel Choir in 1982 and has appeared as musical director for several TV show recordings and live broadcasts such as BBC Morning Worship, People Get Ready and Italian Breakfast TV. He has also appeared in international concerts and productions such as the Christmas Gospel Celebration at the Teatro Toniolo in Mestre, Venice and the Live Gospel Broadcast at the Radio House in Copenhagen. Musical director for Choir Boy The Royal Court Theatre London. Colin is an excellent workshop leader and has traveled extensively in Europe facilitating Gospel Music Workshops and Team building workshops for Nordea Bank in various Scandinavian Cities. Colin is passionate about spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music.

Szymon Markiewicz

Pianist, composer, conductor. Graduate of Musical Academy in Kraków. As a jazz pianist he was studying in Berklee Collage of Music in USA. He co-created many music projects in Europe and USA. Since 2007 he cooperates with composer and music producer Norris Garner. In 2004 - 2010 conductor and music director of Kraków Gospel Choir (albums All because of Jesus(2009), Yes I know Jesus(2005)). He participated in projects like oratorio "God Created" or Mali Music(USA) "Make me new", nominated in 2012 by US Bet Awards and SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. Szymon coworks also with many ballet schools, he's composer of ballet music for RUKA opera, that was played in Terrace Theated in Kenedy Center in 2014. As educator, Szymon cooperates with organisation called The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, creating summer programs for teenangers in USA.

Łukasz Giergiel

Drummer, educator and session musician. Graduate of Jazz and Modern Music at Musical Academy in Kraków and Jazz and Stage Music at Musical Academy in Katowice. Director of musical event "Salt Worship" at Corpus Christi in Wieliczka. His musical adventer has began when he was 14. Since then he moved around various music genders: jazz, pop, rock and even orchestra music. However, nearest to his heart is gospel music, because with it he can praise God and thank for a talent he was given. He cooperated with: Faith Nation, Michelle John, Phillip Carter and SOV, Brian Fentress, Collin Williams, Colin Vassell, Wayne Ellington, Lea Kieldsen, DeoCenticity, Mieczysław Szcześniak and many others. Currently he is a drummer of three gospel choirs in Kraków: SOUL’N’VOICES, JOYFUL VOICE, KGC - the oldest gospel choir in Poland.

Stanisław Srzednicki

A graduate of "Jazz and Stage Music" in Katowice. He perfected his workshop with help of Mateusz Cudzicha, Marcin Pospieszalski, Maciej Grabowski. Since many years he's a member of accompaniment section during our gospel workshop in Siepraw.

Tomasz Robacki

Absolwent Młodzieżowego Studium Muzyki Rozrywkowej w Oleśnie w klasie gitary mgr Tomasza Grajcara. W ramach współpracy z wieloma Big Bandami ( WindBand, Why Not, Big Roll Band ) miał okazję grać z m. in Zbigniewem Wodeckim, Anną Jurksztowicz, Alicją Majewską, Mieczysławem Szcześniakiem, Natalią Niemien, Moniką Kuszyńską, Myronem Butlerem, Michelle John, Ruth Waldron oraz wieloma artystami polskiej sceny muzyki rozrywkowej. Koncertował w kraju jak i za granicą: Szkocja, Włochy, Francja, Ukraina, Anglia. Brał udział w takich projektach muzycznych jak : Siklawa Tatra Folk, Lemonite, Body&Soul, So What, Soul City, 7xGospel, Siepraw Gospel. Współpracuje z krakowskim chórem gospel Joyful Voice, Soul' n 'Voices.

Jakub Broniewski

Muzyk, gitarzysta, autor pieśni uwielbienia, nauczyciel. Na co dzień jest liderem służby uwielbienia we wspólnocie „Głos na pustyni”; jako gitarzysta na stałe związany z zespołem Play&Pray, oraz Kraków Gospel Choir. Zasilał sekcję akompaniującą podczas festiwalu 7xGospel, Gospel na Skałce, Strefa Chwały Festiwal. Współpracował między innymi z: Soul’n Voices, Gospel Voice, Amen Band Reaktywacja, Ewa Środoń - Prokulewicz, Mats Meguenni, Agnieszka Cudzich.


Hala widowiskowo-sportowa
Ks. Jana Przytockiego 10
32-447 Siepraw